Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System

MARTER Solution’s Hotel Management System enables maximum performance, utilizing the latest Client – Server technology.Build with the use of a modern user friendly GUI it offers the ultimate system for any Front Desk and Back Office Operations. Our hotel management system is based on years of experience and on highly sophisticated development and focus teams,including superior hotelliers, engineers and front office specialists. our team has researched and “Brainstormed” to meet the highest standards of the hospitality industry for the next century.


Hotel Management System

  • Enables maximum performance, utilizing the latest Client – Server technology.
  • Build with the use of a modern user friendly GUI it offers the ultimate system for any Front Desk and Back Office Operations.
  •  Our hotel management system is based on years of experience and on highly sophisticated development and focus teams, including superior hoteliers, engineers and front office specialists.
  •  Our team has researched and “Brainstormed” to meet the highest standards of the hospitality industry for the next century.

Efficient Management

  • Places all the vital information needed for optimum operation at the manager’s fingertipsAll information can be viewed on-time, printed in a large variety of reports or shown on graphs.
  • Advanced icons and color-coding give the managers an excellent overview of all hotel operations and allow them to maintain precise management controls.
  • It is a profitable marketing tool, as it captures a wide range of data needed to make the correct marketing analysis.
  •  Information analysis is simple and precise, emphasizing revenues, budgets and yearly comparisons in combination with data of occupancy and guest information.

Easy Reservation Management

  • Enhances reservations management, streamlines all accounting and billing, upgrades guest services, boosts staff productivity and improves marketing and sales performance for all types of hotels.
  •  Provide the hotels with all the tools necessary to give better, more personal and more efficient service to the guests, the result being an increase in the average price and the occupancy of the hotel, in an environment that is constantly more demanding and more competitive.

Flexible, Customized Configuration

  • MARTER’s hotel management system has a flexible, open architecture that makes it simple to define according to each individual hotel requirements.
  • The hotel may define its rooms by their features, group them into different room types and room categories.
  •  It may also define unlimited number of seasonal discounts and plans, connected to different prices controlled by a sophisticated rate management.
  • Our hotel management system handles travel agents, tour operators, companies and other kinds of customers each with its own contract and room allocation.
  • Other services can be easily defined in the system including fixed or flexible prices.


The unique design and engineering of MARTER’s Hotel Management System allows this state of the art HMS to be tailored to specific hotel needs and operations. The main advantage is that it is designed to meet each hotel’s needs and procedures and not vice versa.

Front Office Module

MARTER's Front Desk

  • Check different room status such as Vacant, Occupied, Dirty and assigned with different color codes.
  • Facilities like Guest reminders, wakeup calls, messages, room services, follow up’s are included to build strong bond with your guests.

Do not need to toggle between different screens and windows when checking in a guest. Simply enter all the relative information on a single screen and check-in the guest. You can also view the complete information about real time due, paid, discount balances about the guest room.


Guest Check-In Screen


Multi-Currency Settlement & Print Folio Bills

Process the settlement with multiple currencies that you accept in your property. Print folios and bills in foreign currencies too.

Split Folio option to separate on room fees & other charges

A convenient feature to split the folio in different situations depending on the guest requirements:

  • Separate Room Rate
  • Folio fee
  • Extra Folio Fee
  • F & B
  • Laundry
  • Transport
  • Other

Advance Deposit and Refund Option

Handle deposit and refund related functions with ease along with detailed reports for the same.


Ease to make Bill Transfer

Sometimes corporate Guests want to split their invoice/ bills into one company bill for their room bill and 2nd into their extra charge bill which they will have to pay personally for themselves. This can be done automatically once instructed to software.


Flexible Room Rate Strategy Management

You can easily configure different room rates with different currencies for various guest types such as Walk-in Guest, Loyal Guest, Agent Reservations, Corporate Guests, etc.

Single Reservation, Group Reservation & Check-in

In Hotel business, nothing is more important than handling reservation and booking of rooms in the hotels. Handle these tasks effortlessly with robust features specially designed for reservation and booking operation which helps with listings, editing, cancelling and printing the concerned entries.
Also enables reservation as Waiting List when specific room type is run out for sale.


Room Inventory View with Room Type Summary

While doing a reservation/booking, get detailed views of your room inventory by each room types, total rooms by daily, weekly or yearly figures for the selected date period.


Ease to summarize Guest Stay Information

You can effortlessly print out Daily Guest List, In-house List, Rooming List and Guest Stay Frequency Report, etc.


Guest Relationship Management

Record all the personal details & preferences of your guests like contact details, gender, birth dates and personal favorites. Also record the guest’s preferences related to rooms, amenities and food preferences, etc. Handle personal details of your guests without worrying about any data loss/theft with privilege access feature.
Taking feedbacks from your guest can help you improve the level of services you offer.

Laundry Management

Manage the laundry operations of your guests and your property with ease and effectiveness with a detailed laundry management module. Post the laundry charges of the guests directly to their room.


Manage your mini bar hassle free with features like issuing of items, breakages, wastage, corrections, etc. Usages of mini-bar will be posted into folio directly.

Housekeeping Module Management

Schedule your house keeping tasks for each and individual housekeeping maids. Start by selecting the maids followed up by assigning rooms to be cleaned by them. Simply update the housekeeping status of each scheduled tasks.

Track & Lost

Housekeeping maids will submit all the belongings found in the rooms they cleaned which will be cross checked with the lost & found list. Listed items can be handed over to the right owner. This will help to gain the trust of your guests once they will find their lost stuff.

Booking and Reservation of Conference & Banquets

Manage the booking and reservation of conference and banquets in your property with well-designed module and detailed reporting to support it. Manage themes, seating plan, basic requirements & also the packages that you offer for banquets.


MARTER’s hotel management system provides the effective solution to manage all the hotel’s properties such as F & B items and Office Items. You can view detail information about stock balance by different store locations.


Reporting Module

Reports should give you a detailed idea of what’s happening in different areas / functions of your property so that you can control it as and when required. They should represent the data in such a way that gives a clear picture of your business and it is related for the time duration you want.
At MARTER Hotel Management System, our objectives is to provide you simple yet comprehensive reports for the day to day job at your hotel/restaurant related to reservations, bookings, direct billings / business source, cancellations, marketing & analysis, and many more.


This software is designed to accommodate the needs of various types of hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, small hotel franchisees, and hostels.
MARTER’s hotel management system is the modern solution which has whole range of integrated modules to cover every aspect of property management. Our software is widely accepted due to its state-of-art technology and extremely easy to use in nature.

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