Marter ERP


What is Marter ERP?

  • Marter ERP is suit for distributions, wholesales & retails and manufacturing companies.
  • Marter ERP help you to manage purchasing, selling, servicing, manufacturing and financial related transactions and get reports easily.
  • Marter ERP can be customized according to your business type and needs. That’s why your day to day operations are streamlined and benefit with our software system.
  • Enables maximum performance, utilizing the latest client-server technology.
  • Build with the use of modern user friendly GUI.
  • It offers the ultimate system for daily operations.


Efficient Management

  • Places all the vital information needed for optimum operation at the manager’s fingertips.
  • All information can be viewed on-time, printed in a large variety of reports or shown on screen view.
  • It is a profitable marketing tool, as it captures a wide range of data needed to make the correct marketing analysis.


Easy, Friendly Operation

  • Has a unique open architecture as a result of using standard industry development tools such as the Windows Graphical User interface helps simplify data entry, management inquiries and financial reporting.
  • The simple user interfaces also makes learning and using the system easy and quick, no matter how big your operation.
  • Using any combination of keyboard, touch screen or mouse, the user can easily enter any data into the system and retrieve all the information easily, quickly and efficiently
  • Marter’s ERP system is designed for simple operation and maximum flexibility in functionality and performance that creates a profitable and smoother operation.

Master Data

Provide common account groups and ledgers, users to create ledger for customer, supplier & cash transaction, product related setup, customer related setup, supplier related setup, call plan & product priority etc.


Purchase can be done against order or directly. The returning of damaged items can be done easily. Return may be against an invoice. Direct returning is also available.


Retails & Wholesales modes leverage your customer’s billing process. Sales can be done against order or directly. The returning of items can be done easily.


It could handles all the transactions in between the bank and the company, all are the deposits and withdrawals can keep separately, it’s the helpful mechanism to develop the company’s business.

Payment / Receipt

All cash payment & receipt transaction can be done against a bill or directly. It helps company for other income entry and expense entry.


It’s for entering miscellaneous account; it can be used for adjusting gap between actual ledger balance and expected ledger balance.

Inventory & Stock Journal

The stock journal is to use BOM (bill of materials) details and transferring of goods and for doing stock out. Some case the company will be producing some finished goods and sale it.

Multiple Warehouses

Physical (Building, Van etc.) & virtual (Presales, Consignment, Damage etc.) warehouse could apply here for inventory quota allocation.

Salesforce Automation

It helps to plan visit to customers and prioritize products for Sales Representatives. This part could bridge with our android Salesforce App for presales, van sales and credit collection.

Promotion Scheme

Easy promotion setup with selected outlets and desire SKU to be streamlined sales process.


Powerful reports for each section with variety of filter options. Almost all financial reports like profit and loss, balance sheet are available.

User Access Permission Control

Our system supports multi-user access with specific privilege which under control of administrator group.

Marter Salesforce (Mobile App)

Marter salesforce mobile app is the ideal to increase sales, reduce manual workloads and employee head count and secure credit collection process.

  • Android based app which we integrate with ERP system.
  • Support Sales Rep with Customer Call Plan and Priority Product List
  • Inventory list for each presales team and van sales
  • Shop visit acknowledge record with selfie photo
  • Sales Order or Sales Invoice with mobile printer receipt print
  • Cash Collection for due or ageing credit
  • Customer Sales Info review (MTD, Previous Period etc.)
  • New Customer or Existing Customer’s GPS data collector


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