Software Development Life Cycle

We help transform your business ideas into deployment: requirement collection, system analysis & design, project planning, coding & implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance and supporting.


We design and develop software using client’s requested technologies or the most suitable technologies of our choice according to the project nature in a way that ultimately meets all your business goals, expectations and requirements.

Testing & Quality Assurance

We test every single line of code, ensure providing undeniable quality for your project and allowing your software products to have a highest reputation in the market.


We help maintain your existing software projects, fix bugs and develop new features.

Support & Maintenance

If your projects require longterm support, we ensure your software and processes are fully operational, accessible and usable right from its release and beyond.

Need a software team?

Marter’s customized software development (outsourcing) starts with a requirement collecting process to discover the exact size and functional scope of the project. With experiences of more than decade in Software Development services, we have delivered successful enterprise software products with high scalability and quality.

Benefits of IT Consulting Services

We help you to control the measures you need successfully, from information security management systems, business continuity management, data protection to IT governance, risks and compliance management. Your business operations will be guided with the best possible practices of the industry towards your requirements. Costs will be recuced while control over processes will be enhanced. On-demand resources will be provided to meet your precise business needs. Concentrate on your core business and benefit from the extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of our experts.

Business Continuity Management

Our experts assist you in all processes, from consultation to the implementation of your Business Continuity Management System.

Governance & Strategy

Successful management of your IT and information security risks.

Business Information Management System

We help you do requirement analysis to the design and implementation of Business Information Systems.

Risks Management

We help you identify possible risks and fix the misleading procedures.

IT Consulting

Our company takes pride in more than a decade of solid experience and proven expertise. We help you to identify and find solutions to your IT and information security and develop IT governance and build suitable structures that are professional as well as sustainable.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

What is Marter ERP?

– Marter ERP is suit for distributions, wholesales & retails and manufacturing companies.

– Marter ERP help you to manage purchasing, selling, servicing, manufacturing and financial related transactions and get reports easily.

– Marter ERP can be customized according to your business type and needs. That’s why your day to day operations are streamlined and benefit with our software system.

– Enables maximum performance, utilizing the latest client-server technology.

– Build with the use of modern user friendly GUI.

– It offers the ultimate system for daily operations.

Efficient Management

– Places all the vital information needed for optimum operation at the manager’s fingertips.

– All information can be viewed on-time, printed in a large variety of reports or shown on screen view.

– It is a profitable marketing tool, as it captures a wide range of data needed to make the correct marketing analysis.

Easy, Friendly Operation

– Has a unique open architecture as a result of using standard industry development tools such as the Windows Graphical User interface helps simplify data entry, management inquiries and financial reporting.

– The simple user interfaces also makes learning and using the system easy and quick, no matter how big your operation.

– Using any combination of keyboard, touch screen or mouse, the user can easily enter any data into the system and retrieve all the information easily, quickly and efficiently

– Marter’s ERP system is designed for simple operation and maximum flexibility in functionality and performance that creates a profitable and smoother operation.

Hotel Management System

What Marter’s HMS offer you?

– Enables maximum performance and secure business operations utilizing the latest client-server technology.

– Build with the use of a modern user friendly GUI that offers the ultimate system for any Front Desk and Back Office Operations of a property.

– Marter’s Hotel Management System is based on years of experience and on highly sophisticated development and focus teams, including superior hoteliers, engineers and front office specialists.

– Our team has researched and brainstormed to meet the highest standards of the hospitality industry for the next century.

Efficient Management

– Places all the vital information needed for optimum operation at the manager’s fingertips. All information can be viewed on-time, printed in a large variety of reports or shown on graphs.

– Advanced icons and color-coding give the managers an excellent overview of all hotel operations and allow them to maintain precise management controls.

– It is a profitable marketing tool, as it captures a wide range of data needed to make the correct marketing analysis.

– Information analysis is simple and precise, emphasizing revenues, budgets and yearly comparisons in combination with data of occupancy and guest information.

HR Management System

Human Resource Management System

Marter’s HMS (Human Resource Management System) is a solution for all organization who want to manage their employees or organization in an efficient way from attendance to leave tracking.

Our HMS is a full featured web based application / software that will solve all your needs of managing your employees with easy user interface, beautiful Dashboard and many other features.

Hospital Management System

Management Software for Clinics and Hospitals

Without a efficient management software system, a hospital or clinic cannot function to achieve customers’ satisfaction. Marter’s Hospital management system helps you:

  • Includes everything you need to operate a hospital or a clinic
  • Every departments is connected (Inventory, POS, Billing, Labs, Patients, Finance)
  • Easy to implement and customize

Reduce Operational Costs

Labor costs are expensive. Our Hospital Management System helps you cut the cost of hiring additional employees, office space and time for every operations.

Serve More Patients

With our enhanced patient workflow provided by Marter Hospital Management System, you can increase productivity of your operations and serve more patients without additional manual work loads.

Empower your business with Marter's Business Software & Solutions

Do you know that all the businesses running with a business solution platform in their daily operations agree that their business efficiency and productivity has increased colossally and none of them has ever thought of switching back to the traditional way of operating their businesses.

Are you ready now to transform your business for digital age to achieve greatest success?


Our security printing solutions “Made in Germany” and scalable solutions are trusted by governments, cooperation and technology partners worldwide.Keys for success are our flexibility, our short decision making processes, our strong international reputation, our century know-how, the high level of innovation and of course our network.Based on these keys we are able to jointly introduce efficient, practice-orientated and secure solutions with valuable benefits.


Simple, complex and confident for sure

Today, Schwarz Druck supplies many different industries with security printing products exclusively “Made in Germany”. This includes simple forms and complex security solutions – with customised material design, exclusive security features and related system solutions.It is your choice for a traditional solution, an innovative concept or a jointly new development – however, you can be sure: With us you are on the safe side.


For awareness of real values

Various manufacturer, retail groups, organisations, operators and advertising agencies are already trusting in security printing products “Made in Germany“ and “by Schwarz Druck“ if they are going to create awareness of their clients and of real values.In many cases our full-service is requested – for example, by the supply of value voucher including the related soft and hardware components for a smooth POS processing.

Public Transportation

Diversity with one destination

With our partner: Schwarz Druck, you will reach your destination, for sure – whether you are looking for a solution in sheet format, in reel format, as single product, as block staple, as integrated card or solely as fulfilment service.Public transportation was a matter of particular concern for us from the very beginning. This is what made us one of the leading experts and gives you the guarantee of a reliable partner who will not limit your ideas – whether you choose a traditional concept, a new solution or a jointly new development.


All about reels? No, you can trust us!

Even if our highly customised and safe security printing products are mostly produced in precise web offset presses, you have the choice of your individual finishing – such as: reel finishing, sheet format, single document, stapled or folded documents.You can trust our production know-how – various international financial institutes are doing so for decades.

More than 110 years of experience in Security Printing

Marter is the only one authorized partner of Schwarz Druck: a registered and certified security printing company specialized in the development, production and supply of highly customized, secure, scable and sustainable solutions for governments, industries and cooperation and technology partners worldwide.

We provide the exclusive product quality “Made in Germany”.

Service process

With our Technology and Global Expertise, empower your business with Marter's Systems & Software Solutions

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    Requirement Collection

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    Planning & Development

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    Implementation & Training

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